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Fique is a beautiful and durable natural fiber that takes an arduous process to extract the fiber from this beautiful plant with thick green leaves.

Its range of colors and its naturalness play very well when mixed with the elegance and shine of metals.

Due to its naturalness, resistance and its environmental process, it is one of the favorite fibers to decorate our spaces.

Processes of weaving of the fique rugs with a horizontal loom 100% handmade

Leather has been used throughout the centuries in different disciplines and with multiple functions for its resistance, durability and beauty. Initially we know it as the first raw material for clothing and footwear. It was also used to make canoes, boats, transportable tents, rugs, doors, ropes, riding harnesses, book covers, among others.

Currently its used as a decorative element in rugs and wall-hangings it’s still very important for its elegance, sophistication and above all for its wide range of shades, variety of natural treated leathers, prints, leathers treated with bright copper and the possible unique assemblages that can be turned into works of art for your home and give personality and identity to your spaces to surprise your guests and beautify your daily life.

Our spaces tell stories.

Manufacturing process and assembly of leather rugs made 100% by hand in Colombia.

Wool is a natural fiber with many benefits

  1. It has thermo-regulated and hydro-regulated properties naturally.
  2. It is fire retardant. which allows us to have security as well as comfort and warmth.
  3. In addition to being warm, beautiful and cozy, lying on a wool rug can have healthy therapeutic benefits due to the elasticity of the fibers, they generate a natural mattress that allows a feeling of comfort since it reduces the points of pressure of the body, letting blood and lymph flow freely, providing a feeling of rest and relaxation.
  4. The wool adapts to the shape of your palms, your feet and your back, thanks to the elasticity of the fibers, they easily fit the shape of your body allowing you to rest. It is almost like a massage for your feet.
  5. Each strand is a molecular coil that makes the fiber incredibly strong. This molecular spring allows the fibers to stretch up to 50% when wet and 30% when dry and still goes back to its original form.

These are some of the many benefits of virgin wool, however, the designs and colors of acrylic wool, in addition to being anti-allergenic, are perfect for you, if you want to give your spaces a unique, personalized, warm and cozy touch.

It is very important for our sheep to shear and take care of them, that is why this material provides great benefits to us and to them as well.

Do not hesitate to have one of these beautiful works of art, rugs made to measure, natural and beneficial.


Manufacturing process of a 100% acrylic wool rug made by hand in Colombia.

For us at Fibra Carpets, patchwork is the art of combining fibers, textiles, materials and textures in order to create a harmonious piece that has reliefs, colors and generates dynamism in environments.

This technique is one of the most representative of Fibra Carpets because it is here where creativity and the play of tones, textures and fibers have no limits. Each piece is completely unique, since each patch of the rug is itself a work of art, whether hand-woven or with imported or national fabrics, among other beautiful materials.

the touches of color and their percentages are personalized by our clients to give that magic recipe to the rug and thus make it a center of harmony that connects and vibrates very well with the other decorative objects around the space.

These types of designs combine very well with any taste and decoration.

hecho a mano tapetes espectaculares de alto diseño