It is a tribute to those little details for which we are grateful to be alive. It is the retribution for giving, it is receiving, it is a feeling, it is recognition, it is reciprocity, it is tranquility.

Our collection of ‘Gratitude’ rugs is the reflection of curiosity, innovation, originality in functional, exclusive, modern, striking and surprising designs, which combines a taste for art and decoration and that, without a doubt, its textures will cause you multiple sensations and will provide your home with comfort and warmth.



It is a tribute and recognition to those who have helped us to consolidate our company and who with their affection and dedication have made part of its history. The name of these protagonists is reflected in each of the references of our rugs.

As a result of research on trends, shapes, designs, colors, textures, decoration and materials, ‘Raíces’ (Roots) represented the milestone in the development of Fibra Carpets and Furniture.

With this collection we consolidate in our creations the work with the traditional knotting technique, the use of the vertical loom in our fabrics, the horizontal loom with a shuttle for flat fabrics, the assembly technique, and innovative processes that allowed us to mix collage in our creations. , figures with risen woven thread by thread. This turned our pieces that went beyond being simple products to become true works of art.

Pieces of decorative art that have crossed borders with the stamp “Made in Colombia”.



It is the result of the detailed passion to seek the ideal perfection, reflected in the richness of the elaboration of each unique and unrepeatable piece made by hand. Julio Rodríguez, designer of the company, indicated that “this launch is inspired by a ray of light that illuminated his creativity, it is a positive and optimistic response to the moment of economic conjuncture not only economic, but the current situation of the country”. With this internal meditation, the designer captured in colors and textures a new rebirth, a breath in the midst of fatigue that restores faith and strength, becoming an expression of his identity and the contribution that having each piece made by hand represents. full of history, tradition, design and dedication, working with these beautiful natural materials such as: fique, horsehair, arrow cane, natural and dyed virgin wool, molas, indigenous fabrics and leather among others as well as we also implement new weaving techniques and armed, mixing different ancient and current techniques both in the rugs and in the wall-hangings.