We implement new weaving and assembly techniques, mixing different ancestral and current methods both in rugs and wall-hangings; creating exclusive designs for spaces and habitats. In addition, we are characterized by always being ahead of trends that adjust to the specific needs and tastes of all clients both nationally and internationally.

Tradition & Experience

Creativity, love for tradition, cultural value, protection of natural resources, are part of the fundamental pillars of Fibra Carpets and of each of the members of our team.

By starting each day with hand knotting and weaving, we seek to convey the pure essence of art and the richness of natural fibers.

We have a solid human capital, always in favor of excellence, maintaining the fundamental objective of «OUR ART WITH HISTORY».

Our History

Our journey through this beautiful art of weaving began 26 years ago in a small workshop where we began to investigate the techniques used by our ancestors to make hand-woven rugs.

Fiber Family


Julio Cesar Rodriguez

CEO and Designer

Yolanda Barahona

Commercial manager

Our team

We spin dreams, We weave stories.

Alejandra Rodríguez

Master of Arts - University
de Los Andes - Bogotá

A graduate of the Universidad de los Andes, Alejandra is Head of Production.

Art and fabric come together to create artistic pieces full of history, working with natural materials and fibers is a unique experience. With each knot and each assembly we make, we create works of art full of color and life, full of the knowledge inherited from our ancestors !!! It takes me to the simple and harmonious past, to the countryside, to simplicity, to nature, mixing this knowledge with modern and colorful designs, innovating with experimental materials. We are working to continue with the Cajiqueño legacy of weaving, we fight so that our history is never forgotten, we support 100% Colombian handmade products